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Located in the Northern Arkansas Ozarks, the Buffalo River received the first National River system designation in the US.  The river system is divided into three segments - the upper, the middle and the lower - the middle and the lower rivers are in the Twin Lakes area.   The upper river is about an hour away from the town of Mountain Home and the lower part of the Buffalo River flows into the White River.

Surrounding the free-flowing Buffalo River system is a 95,000 acre park. Much of the vast area of the park is linked with a growing network of trails to accommodate hiking along with equestrian based recreational activities. There are several side hikes that displays the natural beauty of the area and how human history has helped to shape this region of the Ozark Mountains.

The upper district hiking trail includes Lost Valley, Hemmed-in Hollow Falls, Buffalo River Trail, and Hideout Hollow among others. The middle district hiking trail includes Tyler Bend Campground Trails and Gilbert Trails. The lower district hiking trail includes Buffalo Campground Point Trails, Indian Rock House Trail and Rush Mine Level Trail. Having said that, dogs are only allowed at Buffalo Campground Point Trails and Tyler Bend Campground Trails. The Buffalo River is one of the Ozarks best year-round destinations for hikers.

Floating, kayaking and canoeing are other popular outdoor activities on the Buffalo River. The Buffalo River is a free-flowing river of 151 miles, where the float season starts at the upper district in spring. Since the Buffalo River is largely rainfall dependent, the floating season is shortened and moved to middle and lower districts during dry years. However, when the water level is high, the river can become a challenging course for those who are seeking a higher level of challenge.

There are several campgrounds surrounding the Buffalo River. The upper district provides camping at Steel Creek Campground, Kyles Landing Campground, Erbie Campground, Erbie Horse Camp, Carver Campground and Ozark Campground. The middle district offers camping at Mt. Hersey, the Woolum area and South Maumee. The lower section of the Buffalo River provides camping at Buffalo Point, Spring Creek, and Rush Campground. Camping at one of these campgrounds is one of the best ways to escape the hustle and bustle of the crowded cities. It allows you to create a connection with nature while enjoying the scenic beauty of the Ozarks.

There is a wide variety of homes, farms, land and other real estate available close to the Buffalo River area.  If you love the outdoors and enjoy peace and quiet, this is a great place to be.